Jesus is waking up His Bride, a great move is coming, where the transforming power of God will bring a reformation so influential, we will begin to see that transformation touch our society like never before.

We will be His Fragrance

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


You will also be [considered] a crown of glory and splendor in the hand of the Lord,
And a royal diadem [exceedingly beautiful] in the hand of your God. [Isaiah 63:2] AMP

For the last couple of months God has been talking to me about colours – His colours. He has been painting the skies with incredibly amazing sunrises and sunsets. And yet even more dazzling to God are His most precious jewels, His beloved, His Bride. 

As we walk the earth with our beautiful God, life can seem hard, even harsh. We don’t feel like His precious jewels and yet as we walk through the things of this life in intimacy with our Beloved, His ways, His light and life, change us from the inside out. As we go from glory to glory, we begin to shine for Him in ways we haven’t yet perceived.

Esther is a type and shadow of the Bride of Christ. In the book we see that the king sent throughout his whole kingdom to find the choicest, most excellent, hand-picked young virgins to become his queen. The same is true of God. Our King is searching throughout His whole Kingdom for the choicest, most excellent jewels to become a crown of glory and splendour and a royal diadem in His hand.

For the eyes of the Lord move to and fro throughout the earth so that He may support those whose heart is completely His. [2 Chronicles 16] AMP

The Lord Yahweh wants to fashion something of incredible splendour for His only begotten Son. A most precious multifaceted Bride, without spot or wrinkle and He won’t settle for anything less than the very best!

“And they shall be Mine, says the Lord Almighty, in that day when I make up My jewels…” [Malachi 3:17] AMP

Why compare the Bride with jewels?
Because of their inestimable VALUE in His sight
Because of their DIVINE CREATION
Because of their RARITY
Because of their BEAUTY
Because of their DURABILITY
Because of their VARIETY
Because of their HISTORY
Because of their glorious DESTINY

In His love Michèle

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